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Today's Fun English Lesson
Pack 1 ~ Lesson 17
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Here is today's Fun English lesson, from Hotch Potch English... enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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Fun English Lessons from Hotch Potch English

Pack 1: Lesson 17

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1) Video Analysis
2) Podcast / Vidcast
3) News Expressions
4) Song of the Day!
5) HPE English Packs


1) Today's Video Analysis

Here is an awesome advert from Evian. Watch and answer the questions.


Q1) What is the second baby doing? ???

   a) He is jumping over a fence
   b) He is dancing on roller skates
   c) He is leaning against a tape player

Q2) How many babies does another baby jump over? ???

   a) About ten babies are lying down
   b) About six babies are jumping
   c) About six babies are being jumped over

Q3) What does Evian want us to believe ???

   a) That their product will help us feel young
   b) That we will live forever if we drink their water
   c) That Evian water will make us look like babies

Q4) What are all the babies wearing? ???

   a) The babies are all wearing trousers
   b) The babies are wearing skirts and shirts
   c) The babies are wearing bodies

Q5) What is the true Evian slogan? ???

   a) Live young
   b) Die young
   c) Live like there's no tomorrow
   d) You're only young once

Lots of Vidcasts & Podcasts to help you improve your English!2) Today's Podcast

Watch the podcast and answer the questions.

Read the text and comment on the
Mega Minute Blog

Blog : Podcast 40 : 'The world belongs to you'

  [Listen to the podcast] 

Q1) According to the quotation, you should: ???

   a) Try to buy the whole world
   b) Realise the maximum profit possible
   c) Be satisfied with what you've got
   d) Give everything that belongs to you to other people

Q2) How fast does the Earth travel through space? ???

   a) 66,700 miles per hour
   b) 66,700 metres per second
   c) 67,600 mph

Q3) True or false? ???

   a) 1/3 of the planet is covered by oceans
   b) Only about 30% of the Earth is covered by land
   c) About 70% of the world's oceans are desert

3) Today's News Expressions

Pronunciation Practice
Listen and repeat
fires rage on water-dropping aircraft
fanning forest fires least developed
ground-based Prime Minister

Listen to and read this news story from the The Independent on Sunday and answer the questions.


Fires rage on Spain's Canary Islands

Officials say strong winds are fanning forest fires for a second day on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma.

Regional government security counsellor Jose Miguel Ruano says ground-based fire fighters have had to retreat as the fire rages near La Palma's town of Fuencaliente.

Around 500 fire fighters are deployed along with seven water-dropping aircraft. The flames have destroyed some 30 homes and several wineries, and some 4,000 residents were evacuated from the area on Saturday.

La Palma is one of the least developed of the Canary Islands, off West Africa, and was praised by pop star Madonna in her song "La Isla Bonita."

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero plans to visit today.

Q1) Find expressions which mean:

   a) not as advanced as the others ???
   b) exactly what we see in the picture above ???
   c) the political leader of a country ???
   d) not working from the air or sea  ???
   e) giving the fires energy to burn ???
   f) the fires continue to burn violently ???

Q2) True or False?

   a) Spain is one of the Canary Islands ???
   b) Seven planes and about five hundred fire fighters are trying to stop the fires. ???
   c) Over 4000 people have died and 500 homes have been destroyed ???

Q3) Name the following people:

   a) The political leader of Spain ???
   b) The pop star who sang about the island ???
   c) The person in charge of the region's safety ???

4) Today's Song

An incredibly atmospheric piece by the ambient master, Moby...

Watch the video and do the exercises below...



Or just listen to the song!



Pale Horses  (lyrics)
(by Moby)

I've taken the NOUNS out of this beautiful song: sorry!

Listen and try to hear the missing nouns...

(Click on the ??? to see if you're right!)

Put me on the -----
Send me back my ----
Couldn't live without you
When I tried to roam
Put me by the -------
Let me see outside
Look at all the ------
Where all my ------ died
Where all my ------ died
Where all my ------ died
Where all my ------ died

Leave me by the ----------
Leave me on my own
The --- will come and take me
Back to my old ----
Put me by the ------
Let me see outside
Look at all the ------
All my ------ died
All my ------ died
All my ------ died
All my ------ died

Put me on the -----
Send me back to my ----
Put me on the -----
Send me back to my ----
Put me on the -----
Send me back to my ----
Put me on the -----
Send me back to my ----
Put me on the -----
Send me back to my ----
Put me on the -----
Send me back to my ----


5) And don't forget..!

Thanks for visiting and... good luck with your English!


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