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Today's Free English Lesson
Monday, 20th July, 2009
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Here is today's FREE English lesson, from Hotch Potch English... enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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1) Video Analysis
2) Podcast / Vidcast
3) News Expressions
4) Song of the Day!
5) HPE English Packs


1) Today's Video Analysis

At the beginning of Biblical time... maybe things didn't happen exactly the way we are told...


Q1) What is the woman wearing? ???

   a) a bikini and a fig leaf
   b) just a fig leaf
   c) a nurse's uniform over her bikini

Q2) What animals do we see in the video? ???

   a) giraffes / a butterfly / dolphins / zebras / a panda
   b) a snake / a hippopotamus / zebras / an apple / a cat
   c) birds / a horse / giraffes / a snake / a butterfly
   d) butterflies / a snake / giraffes / crocodiles / beetles

Q3) What does the woman discover in the forest? ???

   a) a river
   b) a waterfall
   c) a fountain
   d) a cave

Q4) Which emotions does the woman feel about Adam? ???

   a) pleasure / shyness / disbelief / disappointment
   b) happiness / disgust / am
usement / hunger
   c) fear / thirst / love / despair

Q5) What is Adam doing at the end? ???

   a) He is picking up the woman
   b) He is picking his nose
   c) He is picking flowers
   d) He is picking up litter

Lots of Vidcasts & Podcasts to help you improve your English!2) Today's Podcast

Listen to the podcast and answer the questions.

Read the text on the
Mega Minute Blog

Blog : Podcast 39 : 'Sun, sea, mountains...'

  [Listen to the podcast] 

Geoff is a 'teacher trainer': he teaches future teachers to teach!:

Q1) Where does Geoff live and work? ???

   a) In Barcelona
   b) In the United States
   c) In Baltimore, Maryland

Q2) What does Geoff like about where he lives? ???

   a) sea / sun / soup
   b) mountains / sun / multicultural atmosphere
   c) sun / humidity / mountains
   d) Baltimore / sea / sun

Q3) On Geoff's current course, there are students from... ???

   a) Ireland / Belgium / Austria
   b) the United States / Britain / Ireland
   c) the United Kingdom / Europe / the United States
   d) South America / Ireland / Asia

3) Today's News Expressions

Pronunciation exercise: collocations
Listen and repeat
hazardous waste suspected exporters
environmental agency shipping containers
international treaty recent months

Listen to and read this news story from the BBC and answer the questions.


Brazil demands return of UK waste

Brazilian authorities are demanding that more than 1,400 tonnes of hazardous British waste found in three ports be returned to the UK.

The Brazilian environment agency, Ibama, says that international treaties have been violated.

An investigation into how and why the waste was sent to Brazil has been launched by the British government.

It has emerged that two companies named by Brazil as suspected exporters of the waste are owned by a Brazilian.

The waste, which included syringes, condoms, nappies and bags of blood, was found in about 90 shipping containers on three Brazilian docks in recent months.

The latest 25 containers found in a port near Sao Paulo were put on show for journalists on Friday.

Q1) Which sentence is correct? ???

   a) Brazil wants Britain to give back their hazardous waste
   b) Brazil wants Britain to take back their hazardous waste
   c) Britain wants Brazil to give them back their hazardous waste

Q2) True or false?

   a) The Brazilian environment agency is satisfied with the situationn ???
   b) The British government is looking into the matter. ???
   c) The waste was found in Brazilian docks last year. ???

Q3) Find words which mean:

   a) a medical instrument for putting liquid into a body or taking liquid out of a body. ???
   b) things which babies wear when they are too young to use the toilet. ???
   c) an object to wear during intercourse (sex) to stop pregnancy. ???

4) Today's Song

This is one of my favourite songs by the Pet Shop Boys.

Listen to the words and do the exercise below.



Can You Forgive Her?  (lyrics)
(by The Pet Shop Boys)

The first words have been removed from some verses. The last words have been removed from others.

Listen, and try to put the right purple word in each gap. One purple word is NOT needed for each verse.

(Click on the ??? to see if you're right!)

maybe / too / hot / another / you're
_____ night with open eyes
_____ late to sleep, too soon to rise
_____ short of breath, is it a heart attack?
_____ and feverish you face the fact

claims / shame / again / fame / pain
You're in love, and it feels like
Because she's gone and made a fool of you in public _____
You're in love, and it feels like _____
Because you know there's too much truth in everything she _____

if / what / ask / so / you
_____ ask yourself now: Can you forgive her
_____ she wants you to?
_____ yourself: Can you even deliver
_____ she demands of you?

yet / teams / seems / dreams / forget
You drift into the strangest
Of youthful follies and changing
Admit you're wrong, oh, no, not
Then you wake up and remember that you can't

she'd / said / she'll / because / she's
_____ made you some kind of laughing stock
_____ you dance to disco, and you don't like rock
_____ make fun of you, and even in bed
_____ she was gonna go and get herself a real man instead

deliver / revenge / to / her / you / why
So ask yourself now: Can you forgive
If she begs you
Ask yourself: Can you even
What she demands of
Or do you want
But that's childish, so childish!
(But that's childish, so childish!)

you / laughing / behind / remember / trembling
_____ when you were more easily led
_____ the cricket pavilion and the bicycle shed
_____ as your dreams came true
_____ looked right into those blue eyes and knew

feel / honey / pretend / memory / friend
It was love, and now you can't
You've forgotten all the promises of that first
It's bad enough, she knows how you
But she's not prepared to share you with the

So ask yourself now: Can you forgive her
If she begs you to?
Ask yourself: Can you even deliver
What she demands of you?
Ask yourself now: Can you forgive her
If she begs you to?
And ask yourself: Can you even deliver
What she demands of you?
Or do you want revenge?
But that's childish, so childish!


5) And don't forget..!

Thanks for visiting and... good luck with your English!


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