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Today's Fun English Lesson
Pack 1 ~ Lesson 23
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Here is today's FREE English lesson, from Hotch Potch English... enjoy, and let us know what you think!

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Fun English Lessons from Hotch Potch English

Pack 1: Lesson 23

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1) Video Analysis
2) Podcast / Vidcast
3) News Expressions
4) Song of the Day!
5) HPE English Packs


1) Today's Video Analysis

Here are two clips from Dilbert. Watch and answer the questions.


Q1) If you bother someone when they are trying to work... ???

   a) you stop them from working
   b) you help them to work
   c) you do their work

Q2) What is his unpleasant realisation? ???

   a) That he is helping Dilbert to work.
   b) That he is stopping Dilbert from working
   c) That he is doing Dilbert's work?

Q3) How does Dilbert describe his project to his boss? ???

   a) A pile of shite
   b) Very good
   c) Fine!
   d) Not very good

Q4) How does Dilbert describe his project to his co-worker? ???

   a) a shining pillar of fantasticness
   b) a steaming pile of shite
   c) like 15 drunken monkeys with a jigsaw puzzle
   d) a steaming pile of failure

Lots of Vidcasts & Podcasts to help you improve your English!2) Today's Vidcast

Watch the podcast and answer the questions.

Read the text and comment on the
Mega Minute Blog

Blog : Vidcast 10 : 'Erwin from TEFL Barcelona'


Erwin Ebens runs a teacher training course in Barcelona, Spain:

Q1) Erwin shows us: ???

a) the coffee machine, then the photocopier, then the reception area

b) the reception area, then the photocopier, then a typical classroom

c) the photocopier, then a typical classroom, then a teacher

Q2) How does the first teacher feel? ???

   a) She feels nervous
   b) She feels happy
   c) She feels excited

Q3) Where is the first teacher from? ???

   a) The USA
   b) New Zealand
   c) South Africa

Q4) What does every classroom have? ???

   a) A fan
   b) A phonetic chart
   c) A computer

Q5) How many computers are there in Erwin's school? ???

   a) There are five computers
   b) There are six computers
   c) There are seven computers

3) Today's News Expressions

Listen and repeat
twin girls 100-1 the Wimbledon doubles crown
odds on the twins good tennis stock
15 grand slam titles a potent force on the court

Listen to and read this strange story from Yahoo and answer the questions.



Federer's twin girls 100-1 to win Wimbledon

World number one Roger Federer's daughters are less than 48 hours old but bookmakers on Friday had already posted odds on the twins winning Wimbledon.

British bookies Ladbrokes were offering 100-1 for either Charlene Riva or Myla Rose to win the grasscourt title just a day after Federer's wife Mirka, 31, gave birth to the tots.

The twins, whose Swiss father has won a record 15 grand slam titles, were also 25-1 to claim one of the four slams with all bets based on either doing so before their 25th birthdays.

The girls, who were born at a private clinic in Switzerland on Thursday, are 50-1 to win a grand slam as part of the same doubles team and 200-1 to take the Wimbledon doubles crown.

"The twins certainly come from good tennis stock. If they are half as good as their dad they will still be a potent force on the court," said Ladbrokes spokesman Nick Weinberg.

American Andy Roddick, who the 27-year-old Federer beat in last month's Wimbledon final to claim his 15th grand slam, sent a message from his Twitter page about the twins.

It read: "Wimbledon women's champs in 2029-2040 .... the Federer girls: congrats to the new parents!"

Q1) Find words from the article which mean:

   a) little babies ???
   b) heritage ???
   c) title ???

Q2) What are these odds for?

   a) 200 to 1 ???
   b) 100 to 1 ???
   c) 50 to 1 ???
   d) 25 to 1 ???

Q3) True or False?

   a) Roger Federer's sons were less than 48 hours old when this article was written. ???
   b) Andy Roddick beat 27-year-old Federer in last month's Wimbledon final. ???
   c) Nick Weinberg from Ladbrokes thinks Federer's twin girls will be good tennis players. ???

4) Today's Song

An unbelievable song from someone I never thought I'd like... but this song IS WONDERFUL... enjoy every syllable with me..!


As often happens when people go solo, they find their true self...


Tripping  (lyrics)
(by Robbie Williams)

I've taken the VERBS out of the song!

Listen, and try to put the VERBS back into the song!

(Click on the ??? to see if you're right!)

First they ------ you
Then ----- at you and ---- you
Then they ----- you
Then you ---

When the truth ---- very bad things ------
They're ----- heartless again

I ---- it's ------ and there's ----- to be violence
I've ----- as much as I'm ------- to ----
Why -- you ----- we should ------ in silence?
When a heart -- broken there's nothing to -----

You've been ------ with some very heavy faces
The boys have ---- a bit of bird
They don't ---- their own
And they all ---- their mothers
But you're out of your depth son ---- a word

I ---- it's ------ and there's ----- to be violence
I've ----- as much as I'm ------- to ----
Why -- you ----- we should ------ in silence?
The heart -- broken there's nothing to -----

All -- wonderful in past lives
Dreaming of the sun she -----,
You should --- me in the afterlife
------- -- the sons of dust

When you ----- we're lost we're ---------
What you ----- is worthless
I'm -------
You don't ---- the truth the truth -- boring
I've --- this fever, ---- to
----- the house
----- the car
----- the bad men where they ---
I ----- a few shells in my gun
And ---- me ------- at the sun....

I ---- it's ------ and there's ----- to be violence
I've ----- as much as I'm ------- to ----
Why -- you --- we should ------ in silence?
My heart -- broken there's nothing to -----

I ---- it's ------ and there's ----- to be violence
I've ----- as much as I'm ------- to ----
Why -- you ----- we should ------ in silence?
The heart -- broken there's nothing to -----


5) And don't forget..!

Thanks for visiting and... good luck with your English!


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